National Manufacturing Competitiveness Level (NMCL) & 

Competitiveness + Growth (C+G) programme

Programme overview

NMCL Overview

The National Manufacturing Competitiveness Level (NMCL) Capability Assessment process coupled with the Competitiveness + Growt (C+G) provides a portfolio of Improvement Modules aligned to the output of the Capability Assessment which is tailored to the specific needs of participating supplier companies to improve their competitiveness in the eyes of their customer(s).

The Improvement Modules are incorporated into ‘Themes’ –

  • Competitive Strategy and Management Systems
  • NPI & Lifecycle Management
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Supply Chain

The Themes, Work Packages and Improvement Modules in each, form a cohesive business transformation package.

This is a significant programme, with 104+ business improvement modules, project times from 6 to 36 months, and project values from £50k to £200k.  The size and complexity of this programme is such that Quality Blue have decided to work collaboratively with TEC Transnational. This will ensure our clients have access to the best people with the best knowledge and experience to deliver high impact improvement projects. And the best part is - "It's free to the company !"  The ‘matched by industry’ funding is provided by the beneficiary companies as ‘in-kind’ costs which, of course, include the salaries of their staff involved in the training, coaching and mentoring programme. In practice, zero ‘cash cost’ to the companies involved!

Full details of the programme is available at the TEC website here.     Please go to this website and register your interest. It is available for companies working in the Aerospace/Defence and Automotive sectors. 

Quality Blue Ltd is working with TEC, and TEC Transnational are a Competitiveness + Growth (C+G) Provider (Approved Provider Code - TB110188AA) able to deliver training and mentoring across all of the ‘Themes’ and are currently approved for a total of 104 Improvement Modulesfor both the Aerospace & Defence and Automotive sectors.