TEC Transnational & thyssenkrupp celebrate 100th    Completion of AS9100 Rev D

TEC Transnational, training and consultancy company for the aviation, defence, automotive, motorsport, rail and nuclear sectors, is celebrating training its 100thmember of the thyssenkrupp team.

thyssenkrupp’s aim in commissioning this training was to get ahead of the game in terms of enhancing the skills of a broad range of its staff, from senior management to shop floor, across all functions from Europe and the UK.

The training covered AS9100 Rev D, AS13000 and FAIR - AS9102. It has changed the mindset of the organisation and improved efficiency and effectiveness. thyssenkrupp has now developed and is implementing more in-depth processes, which though not compulsory in the aerospace sector, will improve the business including future training to the automotive Standard IATF 16949 requirements.

TEC has been delivering thyssenkrupp’s quality training since late 2016. The partnership has developed over that time so that TEC is now the German multinational’s first choice for training in quality. It has enabled the German multinational’s own staff to audit with international service level standards.

The skills which were enhanced include internal auditing, including supplier management systems against AS9100, risk management and problem solving. These courses are IRCA certified.

Dr David Scrimshire, Director of TEC, said: “The thyssenkrupp team are a fantastic group of people to work with. They worked hard and quickly grasped the concepts across the full range of courses. It is great to see how each of them grew during the course in knowledge and skills, and I am pleased that they are able to bring these back to their workplace, where I know these skills will be nurtured and put to good use.”

Andrea Pollock, Senior Quality Engineer at thyssenkrupp’s in Northern Ireland, said: “We needed a consistent approach to the training, and TEC were able to provide that. They delivered courses which are exciting to participate in, and their level of professionalism and expertise is adding greatly to our staff’s development.

“These courses are making a real impact on the business, changing the way people work, dismantling mindsets and enabling staff to deliver a step change in improvement of productivity. They have changed the way staff operate on a day to day basis.”

Dr Adrian Gundy, who delivered training from Spring 2018 along with David, added: “Training in AS9100 Rev D is key to success in the aerospace industry. It has been a pleasure to work with thyssenkrupp engineers and administrators and gear them up to progressing within this sector. I am looking forward to working with the next tranche of ‘trainees’, each of whom bring a unique perspective in how to implement Rev D in their day to day working, to benefit the company.”

West Midlands-based TEC was first set up in 1977 and is an ISO 9001:2018 certified organization, an CQI/IRCA training partner and an IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group) training provider.

For more information, visit TEC’s website http://www.tectransnational.com/.