Quality Blue and EFQM 

- Building a Sustainable Organisation 

- Large, SME, Micro, Public or Voluntary Sector

EFQM® 1-day Introduction to Developing a Sustainable organisation Online Training event

Coming soon, watch this space...!

LEAN-EFQM® Thinking Sustainability program 

An innovative and effective EFQM® qualification program for companies who are seeking to get started on their Sustainability journey and begin developing Sustainable thinking to drive operational excellence and performance improvement. 

This LEAN EFQM® program awards Irish companies 2.5 days, remote support that is 100% funded - absolutely no cost to the company. We use these 2.5 days to support you to kickstart your business as the COVID-19 impact and restrictions are eased. We use a mix of LEAN and process performance tools to develop an action plan, which is delivered and your company will then be awarded an Global Recognition Benchmark - EFQM Validation - which will give your customers, suppliers and others confidence that you are not only committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but Arte actively working towards embedding them in your organisation.

NB IDA clients get get up to an extra 30 days FREE support.

Coming soon, watch this space...!

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