The BLUE approach to driving process performance has been designed through twenty years of consulting experience. 
These are the four key steps in any change process, and they need to be completed carefully and clearly communicated. We transfer skills, competence and capability at every stage, so our clients learn how to do it themselves. We empower you, to empower your people, to drive performance through change.

The BLUE approach is presented in this way: -

B - Benchmark your current state. Before you can make any plans, or jump into action, it is essential to baseline, or benchmark, your current position. This will provide valuable insight into where the strengths and weaknesses are in your current processes, where the waste can be found, and where your processes are ineffective.

L - Look forward to What you want to achieve. Think big and you’ll be big, is the old maxim. And it’s true. Look forward to 10, 20 even 50 years from now - what are you trying to build? What would represent a big successful outcome? Then make this your objective., 

U - Unlock the potential of your people. You can’t do this without the commitment and support of the people who work for you and with you. You have to unlock their talent, train and develop them, and release them to drive improvements through projects that really impact process performance.

E - Execute your plans. The talk then stops - and the action begins. You need to have a focus and an energy to execute. And create that winning, change making culture of success and performance.